Instance 2018/2019


Master in Electrical and Computers Engineering
Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering

Course Unit: Network and Systems Architecture and Management (AGRS)
Code: EIC0095

Course Unit: Network Planning and Management (PGRE)
Code: EEC0045

  • Lectures:
    • Course Unit overview
    • Introduction to network analysis
    • Review LAN concepts
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Flow Analysis (problem example)
    • Logical Design
    • Addresses, names and management of domains
    • Routing Planning
    • Architectures of Network and Systems Management
    • SNMP concepts
    • Organization of Management Information
    • SNMPv2
    • The extension of SNMP in the Administration and Security: the SNMPv3
  • Laboratories:
    • Recommended subjects review
  • Exam template
  • Exam grades: AGRS, PGRE
  • Supplementary Exam grades: AGRS, PGRE
  • Final grades: AGRS, PGRE
  • Special examination period grades: AGRS, PGRE

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